Why I Acquired Easy Sermon Hub & Project Goals

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An Introduction

Hello everyone, my name is Jared York, and I recently acquired Easy Sermon Hub in April this year. I’ll give a brief introduction about myself. I’m a full-time business owner, about three and a half years out of high school at the time of this writing. My business is York Computer Solutions LLC. I specialize in website design, web development, with a primary focus on WordPress development. I also create education game development tutorials and courses over at learn.yorkcs.com. This post seems like a decent place to walk through why I acquired Easy Sermon Hub and my vision for the project moving forward.

Why I Acquired Easy Sermon Hub

When I was offered the opportunity to acquire Easy Sermon Hub, I knew there was great untapped potential that could really boost this plugin to the next level. I was actually thinking about starting a sermon plugin before this acquisition. I wanted to develop a sermon plugin that was both easy to use and displayed and distributed sermons effectively. The ideals of Easy Sermon Hub’s ease-of-use was an existing solid foundation. The existing user experience is just part of what makes Easy Sermon Hub so special. I’m thrilled to bring some of the goals I had to this plugin to make the experience for our customers even better.

The Vision Moving Forward

There are few concepts I value more than a strong vision for a project. Moving forward, there are a number of evolving goals I have for Easy Sermon Hub that I will briefly outline. The reason why I say “evolving goals” is because I want to be open to feedback from our customers. A nautical analogy would be that I want to bring wind in our ship’s sails, but our customers can help advise the heading to sail towards.

I will strive to maintain the ease-of-use that this plugin is known for and has maintained. I’m not here to turn the plugin on it’s head and completely change the purpose of it. Easy Sermon Hub’s focus will continue to be enabling church website administrators to easily and beautifully display sermons on their ministry’s website. I want to maintain what our customers love about this plugin — it’s ease-of-use.

In addition to displaying sermons effectively, I want Easy Sermon Hub to also help facilitate the distribution of sermons. Church website administrators should be able to effectively get their messages out on a number of mediums. I want to partner with our customers to help them do just that. The first steps I’m taking in this effort will be part of the version 1.7 release.

You may be wondering, but Jared, when will this update be released?

Great question. I’m tentatively targeting June 29. I’m wrapping up final feature additions (it’s tough as an avid developer), as well as starting final testing. I will make another announcement soon.

In Conclusion

I just want to thank all our customers, those from our start, to the present. With your grace, I look forward to developing Easy Sermon Hub into the most simple to use, effective sermon plugin available.


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