Easy Sermon Hub 1.7

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Easy Sermon Hub 1.7 is Released

Easy Sermon Hub 1.7 has been released. This update brings a large number of improvements to the plugin. Most notably, this update adds built-in podcasting and the ability to create custom classifications.


Podcasting has been added in Easy Sermon Hub 1.7. The podcasting feature can be accessed via the Podcast Feeds tab in the sidebar.

Custom Classifications

Another exciting addition in Easy Sermon Hub 1.7 is the ability to create custom classification types (also known as taxonomies), for sermons.

For Developers

Version 1.7 adds many hooks for developers to utilize. From podcasting to sermon presentation, there is nearly a hook for anything now.

I have compiled the new hooks into their respective references. Please note that these references are a work-in-progress and I’m working on including the arguments provided for each hook.

If you are looking for a hook that you can’t find, please reach out and I’ll consider adding it to the next release.


  • Added built-in podcasting capabilities.
    • Multiple podcast feeds can be added.
    • Sermons can be imported as podcast episodes using any sermon taxonomy/classification.
    • Sermons can be automatically published as podcast episodes using any sermon/taxonomy/classification.
  • Added the ability to create custom classifications types to classify sermons with.
  • Added integration with the WordPress block editor (known as Gutenberg).
    • Added the option, Use Block Editor for Sermons to give users the option to revert to the classic sermon editing experience.
  • Improved filtering on sermon archive pages called Granular search. Granular filtering is enabled by default.
  • Added ability to upload multiple sermon attachments.
  • Added sidebar on single sermon pages.
  • Added Podcasts Featured In list of podcast RSS feeds that the sermon is featured in to the sermon sidebar.
  • Added the Verse of the Day block to the block editor.
  • Re-organized settings into the following tabs: General, Sermon Shortcodes, Customize, and License.
  • Added Podcasts Base Permalink option.
  • Any translation code from BibleGateway can now be typed into the Global Bible Version option.
  • Added the option, Filter Type to allow site administrators to choose between the new Granular filter and classic filtering. Granular filtering is enabled by default.
  • Added the option, Enable Comments on Sermons to allow site administrators to enable comments on sermons. By default commenting on sermons is disabled.
  • Added the option, Sermon Archive Layout for future sermon archive layouts. Currently Grid is the only value integrated.
  • Added the option, Filter Dropdown Style.
  • Added the option, Filter Button Background Color.
  • Added the option, Filter Button Label Color.
  • Added the option, Filter Button Style.
  • Renamed the Sermon Hub administrator tab to Sermons.
  • Changed the icon of the Sermons tab to a pulpit.
  • Added the Custom Classifications tab to the Sermons administrator tab.
  • Changed the icon of the Hub Settings to the Easy Sermon Hub logo.
  • Fixed many old typos on settings pages.
  • Set the plugin license to GPLv2 or later for compatibility with GPLv3 libraries in use.
  • Added getID3 library.
  • Added our own fork of cmb2-field-type-tags that allows saving options under nested tabs.
  • Upgraded CMB2 from to 2.9.0.
  • Upgraded Plyr from 2.0.13 to 2.0.18.
  • Removed cmb2-taxonomy library.
  • Removed jw-cmb2-rgba-picker library.
  • Made many code base improvements.


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